More Info Window

4/26/2018 2064 Contributors

The more info window provides additional information on the source of an error and allows you to submit the error to Admin Arsenal for further analysis and assistance.

Error Information

Shows the message provided in the error.  For more details about the type of error click on the link provided.

Additional Information (optional)

If the error has additional information (such as the name of the computer or other object that caused the error) it will be shown here.

There may also be additional links here to run diagnostic tools, such as the Remote Admin Repair utility.

Submit this error to Admin Arsenal

Click on this link to submit the error information to Admin Arsenal support for additional assistance.  The report that is sent will include additional information about the nature of the error and where it was created.  You can add some extra information of your own and an e-mail address if you wish to be contacted about it.