Service Manager Error

4/26/2018 7745 Contributors


An unknown error has occurred while accessing the service manager on the target computer.

Possible Causes

Access to the service manager is necessary in order to create the service which performs the installation.

DNS Client service may not be running on the PDQ Deploy computer.

Recommended Fix

Make sure the DNS Client service is running (on the PDQ Deploy computer)

Verify that the credentials used can create a service. Run the Remote Admin Repair (there is a link in the More Info window to run this utility). The utility is in the Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy directory (or PDQ Inventory directory). From the Other Computer tab enter the name of the remote computer. Verify that the credentials passed are the same credentials used in the deployment / scan. Click Analyze.  

If you encounter this error, please submit it to our support staff so that we can make future versions provide more information.