Path Not Found

4/26/2018 4279 Contributors


A file or directory cannot be located.

Possible Causes

  1. A directory is not accessible due to security or the location disappeared while it was being accessed (either by a connection problem, the computer being rebooted, or changed settings.)
  2. The target machine is powered off or disconnected from the network.
  3. The installer file referenced in the PDQ Installer is using a mapped drive (which wouldn't be accessible to the PDQ Deploy service user) in the path. See this KB article about using Installer File paths with mapped drives. This is applicable to PDQ Deploy 1.4 or higher.

Recommended Fix

Ensure that the user has the appropriate rights to the file or directory and that it is still available.

Ensure that a path referencing a mapped drive is not used for the Installer file or any other defined files.