10/31/2018 5746 Contributors

You receive an authentication error indicating the user did not properly authenticate on the target computer. For example, you receive the error, "The user name or password is incorrect."

Check to ensure you can access the target computer's ADMIN$ and C$ from the PDQ console. For example, Start > Run > \\Target\ADMIN$ and \\Target\C$. The test should be performed while logged in as the Deploy User or Scan User or using those same credentials.

Possible Reasons and Fixes:

  1. An invalid user name or password were supplied. Change the user name and password and try again. If you have to update the background service credentials, you will also need to update them within the program under Options > Credentials if you wish to use them for scans or deployments.
  2. The target computer is in a different domain than the user and you cannot access the ADMIN$ of the target computer from the PDQ console machine. Please see this article for guidance: Can't Access ADMIN$ Share Using A Local User Account.
  3. The target computer is not on a domain and does not have the LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy registry value to turn off remote UAC.

Other possible logon/password issues are covered in the following: