Windows 10 (1703) Cumulative Update: Package Split

3/2/2019 3123 Contributors

You would like to know the reasoning behind why the Windows 10 (1703) Cumulative Update package has been split into two packages – one for 32-bit machines and another for 64-bit machines.

The 64-bit install file for the March 22, 2018 cumulative update has grown significantly in size, which has had a negative impact when distributing the package in the Package Library. The previous update from March 13, 2018 was roughly over 1GB in size, whereas the March 22, 2018 update was over 1.6GB in size. Yes, it grew 600MB in just 9 days! To more efficiently distribute this update in the Package Library, we’ve broken the package out into a 32-bit and 64-bit package.

Both packages will still behave the same way, although this may require some changes to any existing schedules that have been attached to an auto download package.

Any existing schedules that are attached to an auto download package for the 1703 Cumulative Patch will now be associated with the 64-bit package. To deploy the 32-bit patch to any 32-bit Windows 10 (1703) machines, attach the 32-bit package to a schedule that targets your 32-bit 1703 computers.

Both the 32-bit and 64-bit cumulative update packages leverage conditions to avoid any deployments to the incorrect architecture.