Citrix Receiver Fails to Install or has Inconsistent Results

4/26/2018 4899 Contributors

You receive an error (for example a 1602 error), experience prolonged installation times, or experience inconsistent installation behaviors to the same OS and computer if reinstalling after an error.

While the package installation may terminate in an error, it is possible (and likely) Citrix Receiver did install and functions normally. In these cases, it will not always register as a program on the OS (for example, be listed in appwiz.cpl).

Our testing indicates the behaviors outlined above are due to the Citrix Receiver installer. Uninstalling Citrix Receiver, rebooting the target machine, and redeploying the Citrix Receiver seems to improve the behavior in many (but not all) cases. Also, changing the Run As  = Deploy User (Interactive) on the package seems to help in certain cases. became aware of the issue with the initial release of the version of Citrix Receiver. Rather than publish the package immediately, a decision was made to wait for a release to fix the issues that were discovered. Since no release was made, the original package was published.

We urge you to contact Citrix regarding this issue.