Google Chrome Enterprise Collections May not Identify Machines Accurately

4/26/2018 3579 Contributors

In certain cases, deploying Google Chrome Enterprise 57 caused error codes 1603 or 1722 and a message in the output logs about a problem with the installation files. It also did not register the version in the registry.

As of April 19th 2017, Google has released Chrome Enterprise version 58 that corrects the installer issues and properly writes the version in the registry.

Inventory uses that value to keep the Collection Library up to date. If you deployed version 57 either manually or through an Auto Deployment schedule, it is likely your computers are enumerated in the Chrome Enterprise (Not Installed) collection instead of Chrome Enterprise (Old) collection.  

Because version 57 does not register in appwiz.cpl or contain any version information, you will need to manually review all machines in the Chrome Enterprise (Not Installed) collection and parse that collection for machines that should have Chrome Enterprise. You can then create a report that shows all machines in that collection and then create a static collection based on the results of that report. The static (and temporary) collection can then be used as a deployment target for Chrome version 58.

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