Can PDQ Deploy help with removing QuickTime from my computers?

4/26/2018 2373 Contributors

There are two major zero day vulnerabilities for QuickTime for Windows and Apple has indicated they will not fix these as QuickTime for Windows will no longer be receiving updates. It is recommended that QuickTime is uninstalled as quickly as possible from your environment.

Admin Arsenal has already removed all QuickTime packages from the Package Library.  We do have an Uninstall QuickTime package available for Enterprise level licensed users.  If you don't have an Enterprise license feel free to sign up for a Free 14 day trial of PDQ Deploy.  With the trial you'll have access to THREE packages to import.  If you've already done an Enterprise trial or it's expired, please email and we'll be more than happy to help you.

Start PDQ Deploy Enterprise Trial here

We've even got a video tutorial on Uninstalling Windows Quicktime using PDQ Deploy from Shane that you can watch here.

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