Deploy Media Player Classic (MPC-HC) Media Player

4/26/2018 5029 Contributors


You wish to deploy MPC-HC Media Player (a lightweight media player) to target computers within your organization.



Obtain the installation files:

  • Download the executable install files here:
  • Download one or both of the install files depending on the architecture of your targets. In the example, both 32-bit and 64-bit installers will be used to create the package.

Create the package:

1. Click on New Package in the toolbar or Ctrl+N or File > New Package.

2. Set your package properties to reasonable settings.

3. Modify the default Install step:

4. Change the Conditions of the Install Step (PDQ Deploy Pro or Enterprise required). Deploy to workstations, not servers, and change the architecture to 32-bit for 32-bit OSs.


  • The Parameters listed here are particular to this executable. For how these parameters were obtained, please see the Notes section below.
  • The MPC-HC executable files were placed in the Repository after downloading. While not necessary, it does make organization and cleanup easier.


5. Add an additional Install step (PDQ Deploy Pro or Enterprise license required) for 64-bit machines:

6. Like step 4 above, change the Conditions of the Install step to only install to 64-bit workstations:

7. Save the package.

8. Deploy the package.

9. Enjoy.



Getting silent parameters for executable install files ranges from easy to impossible. For a superb video on finding silent parameters, see Google Fu: The Art of Finding Silent Parameters. For MPC-HC, the following steps resulted in a list of installation parameters:

  1. Open the location of the MPC-HC installer executable
  2. Open up a command prompt
  3. Drag the executable into the command prompt and append the /? to open the parameters (help) window.

The Parameters window results:

Use whichever parameters are appropriate in the Parameters section of the Install step of your package.


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