Deploy Skype Without Shortcut and/or Automatic Startup

4/26/2018 3783 Contributors


You wish to deploy Skype without creating a desktop shortcut and/or setting Skype to automatically start on logon.


Choose which, if any, embedded TRANSFORMS file(s) to apply to the package.

1. Prevent the creation of a Skype desktop shortcut (this is the package default):


2. Prevent Skype from starting at logon but create the desktop shortcut:


3. Prevent both the creation of a desktop icon and prevent Skype from starting at logon:


4. To allow the creation of a desktop shortcut and to startup at logon, remove the default TRANSFORMS=:RemoveDesktopShortcut.mst parameter altogether.

because the transform files are embedded in the MSI, it’s necessary to call them with a leading colon ":". Since transform files are expressed as a semicolon-delimited list, you list multiple files according the TRANSFORMS=:transform1.mst;:transform2.mst. For more information on using multiple transform files, embedded in the MSI not, see the See Also links below.

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