Enterprise Activation in Offline (No-internet) Scenarios

10/17/2018 3728 Contributors


This article provides information on how to activate Enterprise installations of PDQ products in environments where internet access is not available to the PDQ console, such as secure sites/areas found in certain military, government, education, and business networks.

This article is pertinent only if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You have more than one Enterprise license of either PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory
  • You have registered more than one email address with Admin Arsenal through the customer portal or through sales.
  • You want to use the Enterprise sharing features available in either or both PDQ products

Note: Activation is only required if you wish to take advantage of the shared features available in PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory (versions 13 or lower). In versions 14 of PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory, the sharing has been replaced with Central Server.


To complete the Enterprise Activation process you will need a USB key or other method of transferring a text file from the offline machine to an online machine and back.

1. Open the PDQ product, go to File > Preferences > License and click on the Enterprise Activation button

2. You will be asked to insert an email for Enterprise activation. This address must have been registered either through sales or the customer portal prior to an activation attempt. Once the email address has been entered, click the OK button.


3. Since the PDQ console is not connected to the internet, activation will fail. In this case, you will see a button, called Manually Activate. Click the button to continue.


4. A new window will open with a specific URL to activate over the internet. Copy the URL to the clipboard and then copy to a text file. Save the file to a USB or other removable media and sneakernet the file to a computer with an internet connection. Note: do not close or cancel out of this window. It should remain open, but the computer can be locked.


5. Once at the machine with internet connectivity, open the text file from the removable media device and copy/paste the entire URL into your favorite browser’s address bar. You will be taken to a website to activate the Enterprise User. Once you’ve put in the previously registered email, click on the Activate button.


6. Upon successful activation, you will receive a code to input into the PDQ console’s Manual Enterprise Activation window. Copy the code in its entirety and paste that into a text file. Place the text file on the removable media device and sneakernet the device back to the PDQ console.


7. Once back at the PDQ console, open the text file that contains the code copied in step 6. Copy and paste the code in its entirety into the Manual Enterprise Activation window and click the OK button.


8. Upon successful activation, you will see the following displayed in the Preferences > License window. This completes the activation process. Repeat this on any other PDQ console used in the offline environment that will be utilizing the sharing features of PDQ Deploy and/or PDQ Inventory.



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