Is your deployment state stuck in QUEUED or PENDING?

2/8/2019 6422 Contributors

There are a couple of reasons why this might be happening.  One of the more common reasons is that your Background Service is not running.   Check the status bar at the bottom of your PDQ Deploy screen for any notifications.   If this is the case, then you will see “! Service is not running”.


 In order to process all deployments and schedules, PDQ Deploy uses a Windows service named PDQDeploy.  The quickest and easiest fix is to check your preferences settings.  Under File > Preferences > Background Service, check the status.  If it says “Service is not running” simply click the button below that says “Start Deploy Service”. 


If only SOME of your deployments are stuck in

“Queued” or “Pending”, you might be maxing out

 your “Concurrent Targets per Deployment”.  Under File > Preferences > Performance you can see

what your console is set to.  The default settings are 8 Concurrent Targets per Deployment, and 32 Total Concurrent Targets, in Pro mode you can customize these numbers to fit your needs.  The server will push deployments according to these limits, which could explain why some of your deployments are running fine while others seem to be stuck.



Hope this helps, and happy PDQing!