Failed to copy file to target - Semaphore timeout period

4/26/2018 4526 Contributors

Failed to copy file to target can have a number of causes. It is important to look a little further down on the PDQ Deploy Diagnosis error. Look under the section INNER ERROR. This is where we can narrow down the problem. Here is an example:

Failed to write file on target 
File Path: <computername withheld>\ADMIN$\PDQInventory\PDQInventory.exe 
Computer Name:<withheld>
Scan Profile: Standard 
at AdminArsenal.Runner.RemoteRunner.WriteFile(String fileName, Byte[] data) 
at AdminArsenal.Runner.RemoteRunner.CreateTargetDirectoryStructure() 
at AdminArsenal.Runner.RemoteRunner.Process() 
------- INNER ERROR ------- 
The semaphore timeout period has expired. 

In this example we see the error "The Semaphore timeout period has expired". This points to a possible problem with either the network driver or with the configuration of the NIC. Microsoft has provided this KB article to troubleshoot the problem.