Silent Install WinZip

4/26/2018 4383 Contributors


WinZip is definitely a staple for many system admins. If you downloaded the MSI file from WinZip then you probably payed for WinZip (well done). If you downloaded the .exe file then you probably have an "evaluation" version (which is fully functional and will ask you to either purchase or continue evaluating) in perpetuity (until you actually register with a valid code).

The problem with the .exe versions of the WinZip installer is that aren't always very easy to deploy plus they are often bundled with additonal software such as the Google Toolbar. Anyway, the best way to deploy this is to extract the MSI file from the exe. An easy way to do this is to BEGIN a manual installation of WinZip using the .exe file. Before you start answering questions about the installation navigate to your %TEMP% directory and find the directory that the WinZip installation is using. In there you'll find your MSI file. Move that file to a network share and use that as your deployment file. (see image below)



Open PDQ Deploy and define your new installer.



The parameters that I chose were pulled from this article.

/noqp = Won't display Quick Pick in taskbar tray
/noc4u = Won't check for updates
/notip = Don't display Tip of the Day
/nopredefinedjobs = Prevents pre-configured WinZip jobs from running
/autoinstall = must exist and must be the last switch provided