Silent Install VLC

4/26/2018 5043 Contributors

Want to deploy that good ol' Unattended install for VLC?

There are a lot of options for mass deployment of VLC, some easy, some painful and some, well, masochistic. We'll cover the easy method for this particular thread.

The Easy method:

In its simplest form, you can download the installation file from VideoLAN. If you want to deploy the basic Windows Installer package then simply choose that from the options. Save your new exe (probably named something like vlc-1.1.11-win32.exe). Save your new exe file to a network share directory.

Open up PDQ Deploy and create new Installer. For the Installer File value click the ellipsis button and navigate to the network share where you placed the VLC installation file. 


After you have defined your installer click the OK button. Highlight your PDQ Deploy installer (in the case above VLC 1.1.11) and push the Deploy Now button. Choose your target systems. In PDQ Deploy you can use PDQ Inventory collections, Active Directory (via OUs or individual computer objects), AA Console collections or you can simply enter in the names of the machines you want to receive the deployment.