Deploying Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

4/26/2018 5963 Contributors

Step 1: Extract administrative files from Office installations disk


Locate the setup.exe for Office and run the following:

setup.exe /admin

This will extract the Microsoft Office Professional 2010 files that you will need to modify to perform silent installations as well as providing license key information. The Office Customization Tool will start automatically.


Make your modifications at this time. One area of importance is the Licensing and User Interface section, which allows you to auto accept the Microsoft Office EULA as well as set the interface level for the installation. This is also the page where you will enter your product key (if you don't use volume licensing). It's not as clear cut as I'd like it to be, but it's intuitive enough.


For silent deployments select None in the Display Level (see image).

Make any additional changes or configurations and select File > Save. This will create your .MSP file. I suggest saving this file in the same directory as your setup.exe.

To deploy Office 2010, open PDQ Deploy and browse to setup.exe in the Installer File to Deploy field. Be sure to select "Include Entire Directory". In the parameters field enter the following:

/adminfile admin_file