Deploying UltraVNC

4/26/2018 4428 Contributors


Step 1: Download the *appropriate installation file from the UltraVNC web site

The version used for this example is 1.0.5.

*Note. If you are updating an existing installation of UltraVNC you will need to download the Update instead of the Full install file.

Step 2: Determine the silent install options

A search of the UltraVNC web site for "silent" yielded the necessary options

Enter the appropriate options in the Parameters field.

Step 3: Select computers to receive deployment

In the Targets pane enter the name(s) of your target computers. You may also select targets via Active Directory Organization Units (OU), Admin Arsenal Collections, .csv, .txt or .aatarget files.

Step 4: Deploy

After verfiying your deployment properties in the Summary pane, push the Deploy Now button.

UltraVNC can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple minutes to install, depending on the speed of the network connection and computer.