Deploying Microsoft Office 2007

4/26/2018 3752 Contributors


Step 1: Copy the contents of your Office disc to a directory on your computer or on a file server

Step 2: Run the Office Customization Tool

From within the setup directory, run

Setup.exe /admin 


The Office Customization Tool will be opened.

More information on the Office Customization Tool.

Step 3: Create your MSP file within the Office Customization Tool

This is where you will customize your desired Office configuration by selecting which components are installed, Outlook settings, etc.

When you have finished your customizations save your work as an MSP file. Make certain to put your file in the same directory as the SETUP.EXE file.

Step 4: Set install options

Check the Include entire directory box and for the command line be sure to enter the following:

/adminfile mysetup.msp

Use the name of the MSP file you created with the Office Customization Tool.

Step 5: Select computers to receive deployment

In the Targets pane enter the name(s) of your target computers. You may also select targets via Active Directory Organization Units (OU), Admin Arsenal Collections, .csv, .txt or .aatarget files.

Step 6: Deploy

Deploy and watch the magic. Office can take some time to install, depending on the speed of the computers and the connection.