Webcast: PowerShell 6

4/26/2018 2433 Contributors

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*We forgot to mention that you will need to open up inbound TCP on your windows firewall for your Linux to be able to ssh in. This can be done in PowerShell with:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=sshd dir=in action=allow protocol=TCP localport=22 Installing PowerShell - Windows: 31

Install PowerShell - Linux 2:19

Install SHH Windows 5:15

Question: What are the primary differences between 5 and 6? 6:07

Question: Is it more convenient to stick with PowerShell 5/5.1 or switch to PowerShell 6 Core for Windows-only environments? 9:09

Question: With PowerShell 6, what are the minimum OS requirements? 11:38

Enabling SSH for Linux 12:50 Set environment variables 13:52

Question: Are there any widely used cmdlets that have been deprecated from version 5 or added in 6 that we should be aware of? 15:38

Enabling SSH for Windows 18:20

Showcase SSH from Linux to Windows 20:03

Question: Other than PDQ webinars, what resources and strategies do you recommend to hone your powers into PowerShell Guru? 21:17

SSH authentication 22:30

Question: Do you have any scripts you have shared in the past (or want to currently share) that PDQ users may not have realized was missing from their lives? 23:42

Question: With PowerShell coming to Linux as well, does that mean we can start deploying to Linux workstations/servers? 26:40

Question: Could we use PDQ Inventory’s “Command” tool to send a PowerShell Core command to a Linux target? 28:30

Question: When are we getting a PowerShell script library added to Deploy? 29:16