Webcast: Deploying AutoCAD and Revit 2018

4/26/2018 4288 Contributors

Reviewing parameters (/W, /q vs /qn vs /qb, /I). 1:09

Network Deployment Wizard (Log file, network location, silent mode, licensing info). 6:34

Show location of deployment files. 12:54

Adding Updates/Add-ons to deployment. 14:56

Showing the finished deployment. 18:59

Building a package. 21:02

Question: AutoCAD and Revit install user-specific settings and items in the /User/AppData/Roaming/Autodesk folder when the user first launches the program. How can you pre-populate those items/folders so you can add customized settings for each program? 28:57

Question: What are some of the common exit codes for Revit 2018? I have been using 0,1641,3010 but my deployments continuously time out and never report a successful install even though they are successfully installed. 30:47

Question: I have run into multiple problems in previous years with the Autodesk Desktop app being running during an installation, causing it to fail. Could you go over how to kill that process before the installation step takes place? 33:27