Webcast: PDQ&A - February 2018

4/26/2018 2176 Contributors

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Question: I want to sign all my PowerShell scripts used in Deploy so that I can set my execution policy to all signed. Is it possible to sign the Deploy wrapper script as well? Otherwise, deployment will stop because it is not signed. 0:40

Question: What is the easiest way to distribute PDQ Inventory Dynamic Collection setups, PDQ Packages, and associated files to multiple sites each running their own instances of PDQ Inventory/Deploy Enterprise Edition? I recently set up Inventory and Deploy software rollout and spent more time documenting it to share than I spend setting it up. 4:37

Question: Is it possible to manually add other equipment such as a monitor or a keyboard to have a complete inventory? 8:07

Question: My PDQ Deploy is littered with MANY old and possibility unused deployments. Are there any tips, tricks, and/or shortcuts for going through everything and doing some cleanup? Maybe a way of reporting on what hasn't been used for X months and beginning my cleaning process there? 10:07

Question: Is it possible to stop the Windows Updates or other updates I no longer want/need from coming into the updated notifications?  16:16

Question: How can I perform a specific Inventory Scan before a PDQ Deploy package step? In package properties, there is only the option to Scan After but not Scan Before or Scan Before and After. 18:50

Question: How can I create a collection base on AD OU? We have multiple locations in different states with each in its own OU. I would like to have different collections per site. Could this also be configured to create collections on AD Description? 22:14

Question: Coming from an SCCM environment I was able to set a collection based on users. This was easier to manage users that required licensed software as it was tied to the user and not the computer. Is there a similar way to create a collection like that in PDQ Deploy/Inventory? 25:53

Question: I’m a new Enterprise user. Once you’ve downloaded all packages, are they now setup for auto download? 27:40

Question: We have Mac computers joined to our domain as well. These are spread in different OU’s throughout our organization. Is there a way to exclude these devices besides putting them all in the same OU and excluding that OU? 29:02

Question: In a Post Deployment Notification email can I have the body of the email list the computers in the deployment and whether each was successful? My attachment-less notifications always end with “(No target computers)” and I don’t know where this variable is or from where it is pulling its information. 30:17