Webcast: Migrate your PDQ Deploy & Inventory Console to another machine

4/26/2018 4115 Contributors

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Backup solution .db.cab: :39 

Backup Best Practice: 2:20

Install to new Computer: 3:45

Repository: 9:30

Question: Is there a benefit to using DFS instead of a local repository? 10:40

Already running in Central Server: 12:30

Migrate custom packages: 14:20

Install files best practices: 18:30

Question: Is there any specific order or additional steps needed to migrate both Deploy and Inventory at the same time? 22:18

Question: When transferring from a local install to Central Server, what is the best way to transfer custom field data out of a local install to be able to add it to Central Server? 23:10

Move registry: 25:38

Question: I have an older version of PDQ. I am planning to upgrade to a new version for a new server. Can I install the new server, enter the license key and then use the migration method from the start to transfer DB from v12 to the newest version of the software? 29:37