Webcast: PDQ&A - January 2018

4/26/2018 1638 Contributors

Question: In PDQ Inventory is there a way of creating a Dynamic Collection for a group of computers where the current users are in a specific AD User OU? 0:27

Question: In PDQ Deploy, I've set the deployment Copy Mode to Pull. Unfortunately, DFS is not an option. What is the best way to handle this? Can we define 2 or more repositories pointing on different UNCs? 2:54

Question: I am trying to deploy Bios updates to HP computers using a command line package. The bios installs fine but it looks like the install is not sending back a success code before the reboot which results in the package showing it failed. I set Error Mode to Stop with Success but I was checking to see if you have a better way of doing it.  4:47

Question: If I have a set of sub-collections, is there a way to show in a report which sub-collection a computer is in? I see where to show ALL collections it is a part of, but what if I just want to show a specific collection that the computer is a member of? 6:28

Question: Is there a way to deploy certificates? Are there some types you can't deploy at all? 10:14

Question: Is there any updated info on migrating PDQ Inventory and Deploy Central server (databases and repositories) to a new server, or is it the same as the standalone? 12:16

Question: Why has Google Chrome Package been updated in Deploy, but the Inventory Collections has not been updated? 13:37

Question: I have a scheduled package that performs Wake-on-LAN for a group of physical machines that we back up. However, I get an occasional name not found failures. Is there a way to have the package use the last known IP when this happens? 15:24

Question: What is your recommendation to fix "DNS Issues" if business reasons prohibit us from using DHCP to update DNS and rely on the clients to do it themselves? 18:20

Question: Is there a way to set a deployment schedule so that it doesn't attempt to install after a specified time? 21:33

Question: Dear friends, I'd like to set up a dynamic collection to capture any computers that do not currently have a logged in user. 23:54