Webcast: PDQ&A - December 2017

4/26/2018 1593 Contributors

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Question: I have two Auto Deployments for Monthly Rollup - one with minimal auto approve for testing, the other 7 days. When the new rollup comes out all systems fall in the prebuilt “Monthly Rollup (Old)” collections I am using on the second deployment. Since the ones updated in the first deployment aren’t in the Target History of the second, it installs the old rollup again. Do I just need to create my own collection which excludes my test group? 2:08

Question: I exclude my servers subnet from PDQ Deploy to prevent accidental deployments to them. Yet I would like to manage deployments/auto-deployments to them for things such as 7Zip, Notepad++, BGInfo, etc. What would you recommend?  5:34

Question: I have a schedule with a package to do Windows update. The schedule has offline settings with "send WoL" marked but the package has "use settings from preferences" and the preferences doesn't have the "Send WoL" marked. Which one prevails?  8:37

Question: Is there a way to setup multiple service accounts for PDQ Deploy and permissions for who can use said accounts? For example, having an account that can deploy to servers that a tier 1 IT group could not access. 12:01

Question: When switching from Client mode to Central Server, is there a way to copy one admin's custom collections in Inventory and Auto Deployments in Deploy to the Central Server versions? 13:58

Question: Regarding PDQ Deploy via command line - is there a way to monitor whether a package has completed (success or fail)? 15:38

Question: Is there a way to get the total number of PCs to "bubble up" to that parent OU? Right now it's Site A (0), but when I drill down, each sub-OU has the number of PCs...except when there are more OUs under that. 17:41

Question: Can a package be deployed to an IP address? 19:47

Question: Is it possible to trigger a package deployment from a client machine using a script or similar? For example machines just imaged being prepped for deployment? 20:41

Question: DNS conflicts tend to cause a lot of failures when combined with a heartbeat trigger. Is there a way to have PDQ Inventory/Deploy check that the online status is not a false positive before triggering a slew of jobs instead of having them all fail? 23:03

Question: Does the central server follow the scan profiles and can it initiate scans on its own or does a client console have to be connected first? 24:51

Question: I feel like my PDQ Deploy GUI interface is dragging a bit when I do things like load the application, change focus from packages to schedules or edit a package. What recommendations do you have for keeping the interface and database streamlined and responsive? 26:06

Question: We use Intel AMT in our system so they ping event though they are not turned on. Is there anything that PDQ does to prevent the Heartbeat from trying to deploy to them (Since they reply to ping)? Is there anything you'd recommend at this point? 28:48

Question: Is it possible to add a post step that if the install fails with a certain error code it will then run an additional package and then try again? 30:53

Question: In our environment we have several machines with WMI and Admins shares off, it was a radical change as the environment was under attack, is there any way to enable them by PDQ Deploy? 32:46

Question: Is it considered "best practice" to replace any packages we have with their new "Auto download" package versions? 35:19

Question: When the packages Auto Download, the listing of that package nested in others keeps the previous name of the last package. Although trivial, it can sometimes get confusing until you open the nested package to see it has updated. Can this be fixed? 37:31

Question: Is there a way in Inventory to periodically check if a computer is online and if not initiate a Wake-on-LAN? 38:45

Question: I attempted to create a package that would run an NSLookup on all my devices, and a ping, and return a text file to my computer with all the details. It seemed like it was grabbing my IP address for every device instead of theirs. Also, is there a way to grab the IP address of a device without pinging through PDQ? Is this more a situation for a report or no? 42:04