Webcast: Using Collections as Conditions in PDQ Deployments

4/26/2018 2005 Contributors

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Conditions: 1:05

Collections: 2:53

Top level conditions: 6:01

Question: What triggers a computer being marked “Online” in Inventory and for Heartbeats? How often does it check? 8:43

Question: In Deploy, it’s very easy to set up a Condition for “file does not exist” or “file exists” - can you show the equivalent setup in a dynamic collection? I always seem to mix up Any, All, Not All, and Not Any. 12:54

.NET example: 21:35

Question: Can the file condition be used to specify date of a file (specific/older/newer)? 25:10

Question: What is the advantage of using collection conditions of a package vs using filters in linked Inventory collections? 28:47