Webcast: 5+ New Features in PDQ Deploy 15

4/26/2018 2240 Contributors

Help and release notes to find out what’s new: 1:00

Auto Downloads replaces Auto Deployment: 2:19

Question: What is going to happen to all my existing Auto Deployments with the new Auto Download change? 8:05

Question: If an Auto Download package is part of a nested package, will the parent break when the auto download gets a new version or will the parent then begin using the new version? 13:00

Override approval policy and approve now: 14:24

Convert to standard package: 15:30

Catch all condition / Conditions based off of PDQ Inventory Collections: 17:09

Question: Really appreciate the new “Upgraded Auto Deployments” folder. If those are nested will they be replaced if a new version is downloaded? 21:40

Extended conditions to the top level properties of a package: 23:30

Question: If I already us PDQ Deploy Central Server & PDQ Inventory Central Server is it ok to upgrade to PDQ Deploy 15 or should wait for an update to PDQ Inventory as well? 25:34

Question: Will the Auto Download remove the older version? Because when I export a package with the newer version, PDQ keeps the old one. 26:28

Private Packages: 27:35

Question: With Auto Deployments being converted to Auto Downloads, what happens to the Pre-Steps and Post-Steps that I have configured in the Auto Downloaded packages? For example, I have an Auto Downloaded package with a post-step to remove the desktop shortcuts. Will that step be saved when a new version of the package comes out? 29:49

Question: Are there any updates to the new version that allow it to load faster? 31:07

Question: What happens to existing packages in several version? What happens to nested packages? 33:07

LAPS: 36:04

Question: I want to maintain previous versions on some packages, and also keep the features of Auto Deployment for those same packages. Will the auto download replace the old package every time unless I change its name? 40:35

Open the Deploy Once window anywhere at will: 42:38