Webcast: PDQ&A - October 2017

4/26/2018 2255 Contributors

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Bonus Content: Restore or move a database: https://support.pdq.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000225072

Repository specific moving info: https://support.pdq.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000087072

How it Works: https://support.pdq.com/hc/en-us/articles/220509287

Firewall & Ports: https://support.pdq.com/hc/en-us/articles/220533627

Question: How do I view all those successfully patched workstations set up on Auto Deployment? Is there a report to view it? It’s required by our external auditors. 0:44

Question: I want to prevent my AV and firewall solution from flagging PDQ when applications are deployed. What applications and paths do I need to whitelist along with ports? 4:18

Question: Is there a community knowledge base where peeps share their uninstall commands (eg. a thread fir uninstalling Orafor On Demand CRM - to replace with Oracle Salesforce)? 7:25

Question: I have found that the uninstall from the application list seems to not remove the program a lot of the timek so I would wind up using RDC and going to add/remove programs. Is there any processes you suggest when it doesn’t seem to work in PDQ? 8:55

Question: Do you have any further details on PDQ Enterprise SL? We currently run Deploy and Inventory Enterprise and as we gain more admins we keep needing to buy additional licenses: 11:39

Question: I’ve been having more and more computers return a Scan Statues of “Exceeded timeout for completion”. Some of them will return if I scan them a second time, but I don’t want to spend time going through and manually scanning computers. I have the timeout set to 2 minutes. What would you recommend for a “proper” timeout? 13:04

Question: If we have workstations built from a base image would I need to apply every Windows monthly update or just the current month? 14:47

Question: What are the best practices to have visibility of our laptops with PDQ Inventory? My problem is that if I connect a laptop through ethernet DHCP gives on IP from a certain range and if I connect through Wi-Fi it’s another range and VLAN. Also, our offices have different IP ranges and laptops usually change IPs within a short period of time. 17:14

Question: I have a site to site VPN going to a job site. The machines at the site show basic info (IP/OS), but nothing more. They get GP updates and DNS seems fine (even though I bet you will say it’s DNS). 20:00

Question: Our location has many devices that are only connected wirelessly and because of our environment, PDQ cannot see them. Is an agent in the works and if so, can you give us any specifics? 21:40

Question: What is the optimal physical setup for Deploy / Inventory, to encourage the programs to load faster? I have a decent PC that used to be able to load quickly, but now both programs take more than five minutes to load. 23:40

Question: Is it possible to generate a basic report in Inventory that lists all currently deployed packages and the percentage of machines with the latest version of that application installed? Or would this have to be an SQL report? 28:11

Question: With Microsoft having released Windows 10 (1709) this week, what is the best way to use PDQ to both block the update and deploy the new OS build? 29:28

Question: Can you adjust what triggers a system to be part of the “Reboot Required” collection? We have something that constantly puts itself in the “PendingFileRenameOperations”, so the systems always show as needing a reboot. 31:58

Question: I am using PDQ Deploy to deploy solidworks to multiple machines. The paths are large and PDQ throws an error saying the file paths are too long when I use File Copy. If I run cmd and use robocopy it works fine as robocopy supports long file paths. Is there a way to get his to work with File Copy and will there be support for longer file paths if we deploy to Windows 7 and up? 33:08