Webcast: PDQ&A - September 2017

4/26/2018 1705 Contributors

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Question: I need a collection (or report) which shows all Windows NICs which have a speed setting of 10 Mbits only. Is this possible with an SQL report? 0:49

Question: How can we create a Dynamic Collection in PDQ Inventory based on a WMI filter? For instance to find out if a Dell Computer has WOL enabled: select *from DCIM_BIOSEnumeration where AttributeName=”Wake-On-LAN” When is Lex going to show us how to deploy Shock-User via PDQ? 3:03

Question: Is there a way for me to disable any deployments to specific PCs? I have a group of EBBs (Electronic Bulletin Boards) that I’d love to inventory, buy I don’t want deployments to ever be sent to them. A blacklist for example 4:53

Question: How can I run an inventory for Google Chrome Enterprise not installed on computers or any other software not installed/missing on the network? 7:49

Question: How would I go about making a new dynamic collection for PCs that are members of a Collection Library collection (like “Skype (Old)”) as well as one of my custom static collections? 12:25

Question: In PDQ Inventory, is it possible to see when a computer/server went offline? 15:39

Question: Does PDQ Inventory have a cleanup method for machines no longer on the domain? If a machine is not found in Active Directory does it remove it automatically or is this a manual process? So the reporting remains accurate: 17:20

Question: What is the best way to put some of my machines into a group so I can deploy a package to that group or set up a schedule for that group? Could you create a new filter based on a set of machines in an OU for new machines automatically added in the future? 20:04

Question: I’m facing a big problem: Deploy over VPN. I have computers that connect only via VPN and 2 of these computers are seen as offline but they are not. How to solve this problem? 23:45

Question: In PDQ Inventory Add Computers - Will any future releases have a “Search” feature to locate computers easier in the list. I have over 2000 PC’s now and it gets a little tedious browsing through the list: 25:42

Question: Is there a quick way to see which admins are actively using licenses for Inventory and/or Deploy at a given time? Or even a logo or stat of who is logging in to use it the most/least or average amount? We use Central Server: 27:40

Question: Stump Kris question: How can I display the degree character in a PowerShell *console* session? I’ve yet to find a good answer: 29:13