Tech Tuesday : How do I set up and configure Faronics DeepFreeze?

4/26/2018 3606 Contributors

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Bonus Content: Deep Freeze – Remote Administration with Secure Command Line Control Documentation:

Deploying to Computers Frozen with Deep Freeze:

Deep Freeze, PDQ Inventory, And You: A Useful Guide For The Deep Freeze Administrator:

What is DeepFreeze & what does it do? 0:23

How to Setup your environment: 1:02

Creating a configuration file and install file: 3:55

How to take care of Windows updates with Deep Freeze: 5:22

Question: What is the best way to manage frozen PCs and Windows updates? It seems that sometimes, the “thaw for Windows update” locks up and doesn’t finish if the PCs go back to sleep while in the middle of that “thaw for updates” period. 10:47

Deep Freeze states in PDQ Inventory: 14:14

Deep Freeze in PDQ Deploy: 15:14

Question: Do the frozen clients need to be on the same network as the Enterprise Console or just connected to the internet? 17:32

Changing the states from the DeepFreeze console: 19:40

Question: We currently use VMware linked clones with persistent disks to retain user profiles during recompositions. Is there an analogous option with DeepFreeze? 21:58

Question: Will DeepFreeze be added to the package repositories in PDQ? Having a “Browse to your seed” prompt script added would be handy also. 23:37