Webcast: Configuring LAPS and PDQ

4/26/2018 3178 Contributors

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Installing LAPS into your environment the Microsoft way: 0:42

PowerShell Module: 6:17

Question: Is there a way to customize LAPS to only apply to certain OU’s within AD? 9:58

How LAPS works in Inventory: 18:58

Group Policy: 19:45

Question: Are there any issues with clients that aren’t on a domain regularly? We have computers in the field that are only connected back to our network infrequently via VPN - so AD may show the old password after the timer runs out and not reveal to me the updated password? 20:19

More Group Policy: 22:15

Question: I saw that users can request a reset through LAPS. Does it allow them to change it themselves if desired? 23:34

How LAPS works in Deploy: 24:17