Webcast: PDQ Command Line Interface Best Practices

4/26/2018 3402 Contributors

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Bonus content: Blog post about adding custom fields and data to PDQ Inventory https://www.pdq.com/blog/adding-custom-fields-multiple-computers-powershell/

Blog post about deleting all target history from a schedule https://www.pdq.com/blog/delete-target-history-schedule/

Overview of the CLI: 0:58

Delete Schedule History: 2:24

Question: Oh mystical PDQ gurus, Can the PDQ GUI do everything that the command line can? Or is there hidden functionality in the command line that we should be taking advantage of? 4:25

Command Line Deployment: 6:50

Invoke-Command: 8:14

Command Line Schedules: 11:15

Question: Does the command line support the asterisk? 14:58

Question: Is there any chance you will add “OWNERSHIP_STATE=2”, “Take ownership for all existing and new users” as a default parameter for the Adobe Reader DC classic packagesw? Currently, I download the package manually and change the parameter and add to a schedule instead of using AutoDeploy: 16:37

CSV: 17:57

CLI Inventory scan: 19:25

Question: Is there a way with a PowerShell command to create conditions to skip installation on machines where the package is already installed? 21:21

Remote: 23:40

Question: I’m running a command script in PDQ right now. Is there a way to see the output of the script as it is happening or do I have to wait until it passes/fails to see the output? 27:22