Webcast: PDQ&A - August 2017

4/26/2018 1066 Contributors

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Question: Can I use the Auto Deployment to deploy window monthly-rollup security to only update to all my unpatched workstations? Also, can I use the collection library windows updates as the target for the Auto Deployment? 0:29

Question: If I wanted to use PDQ Deploy to push the PDQ Deploy Console to the rest of my staff now that we are getting more licenses, which registry keys do I need to bundle up as part of the Package? I recall seeing it on the forum, but can’t locate the post. 5:10

Question: In a Central Server configuration, can I connect a version 13 client to a version 14 server and vice versa? 7:12

Question: How can I use File or Registry conditions, or another method, to deploy a package (e.g. VPN software) only to Laptops and not desktops? 9:56

Question: Is there any way to see what windows updates are missing on computers in Inventory? If not, are there any plans to do this or to see other vulnerabilities? 15:22

Question: What account is used by the pdqdeploy / pdqinventory service accounts? I find myself changing these service passwords as my administrator account password requires an update. How do I fix this so it is all done automatically? 18:50

Question: What is the advantage of the retry queue rather than putting a heartbeat on my schedule? 20:39

Question: It seems that 13.3 is the last version that can deploy to Windows XP and 2003. Unfortunately some of my clients still have XP and 2003 (even 100 + hosts), so this is sad news. I know that they should update...but, is there any way to support deploying to legacy clients, or is downgrading the only option? 22:46

Question: Is there a way to view a computer in Inventory and see what updates (not Windows updates) that specific computer is missing? We have systems that are off and on our network and I would like a way to view them when they are on our network and see what updates they are missing in one view. 24:27

Question: I have multiple Autodesk deployments. After each deployment there are still more updates that need to be manually run. Can I tell PDQ Deploy to pause until I manually update from that machine? 28:17