Webcast: Introducing PDQ Deploy 14

4/26/2018 2160 Contributors

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Question: Is there a way to deploy only specific programs from Microsoft Office? Can it be done by editing the pre-made package in the Package Library? 0:57

Private folders for packages: 4:32

Question: Is there a way to add a failed nested package to the retry queue? I’m not seeing any options for that anywhere. Though, I could be blind. 10:14

Question: Any plans of adding Defender, Endpoint, Mcafee, Norton or any other AV to the Inventory reports and Deploy, so we can know when to update the core software? I know definitions would be chaos. 14:22

See concurrent session details: 16:11

Scan After Deployment from Deploy window: 17:49

Question: PDQ Central Server Scenario: If the server is crankin’ away on a deployment to many computers, can I switch my PDQ client to local so I can deploy Minesweeper to the CEO ASAP? 19:56

Question: Is there a way to list packages alphabetically? 22:03

Question: Is there a way to put some files to Public Desktops of all computers in my network and to delete some others? 24:26

Question: If Central Server is upgraded to V.14, is there a way to automatically upgrade the rest of the consoles to V.14? 27:39

Question: Can Kris get his own “Scripts” folder in the package library? 30:32