Webcast: Prepping Your Environment For Back To School

4/26/2018 2456 Contributors

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Updated Versions & Licenses: 0:43

Target name mismatch / DNS: 2:44

Question: How often are the Inventory collections updated? For example, I have a collection that contains PCs that are a member of collections that contain “(old)” and after the PCs are updated and perform an application scan, the collection still shows that they are outdated. I have to hit F5 for Inventory to refresh for the clients to get moved out. 5:27

Inventory network options: 8:43

Active Directory sync: 10:23

Inventory Scan: 14:10

Expired Credentials & Passwords: 14:35

Question: Is there a way to make a recurring schedule for optional windows updates as they become available? 17:44

Clear History: 21:57

FOG & Imaging: 23:52

Question: When the client agent is released will that get rid of any DNS naming issues that occur from stale records? 26:44

Baseline applications: 28:01