Webcast PDQ&A - Sysadmin Day Edition

4/26/2018 1624 Contributors

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Question: Will a manual scan of a computer in PDQ kick off deployments that are set to Heartbeat? 0:52

Question: We have lots of hos names in our Active Directory (host names that were used in the old days but upon changing the hostname of the PC’s forgotten to delete in our AD). Is there a way where in we can determine the inactive host names in our AD thru PDQ Inventory? 2:44

Question: How can I reference if a machine is a part of a collection in a report in Inventory? 10:12

Question: In PDQ Inventory, is there a way to inventory both Domain and Non-Domain Devices? Do we need to create a dynamic collection? 13:53

Question: Is there a way to update Computer and AD descriptions from a text file or CSV? 17:41

Question: Is it possible to point one auto report to multiple collections? Currently I have to create single ones and point it to auto report. 19:53

Question: Is there a way to create a package in Deploy that will dynamically update similar to the “Auto Deployment Packages?” Do you manually create each package for the auto deployments or are each deployments created automatically through some other means, and can I do something similar? 21:13

Question: Give me the magic bullet so I don’t have to update applications in MDT and can just add PDQ in the task sequence somehow. 23:53

Question: Are there any new features that are in the works? 25:34

Question: Can you walk us through a typical deploy of a software package, then a typical update of said package to a newer package? 26:28

Question: Which trigger do I use to schedule an install at night from Monday to Friday and from 11pm to 8AM? Is it Interval? 29:20