Webcast: 7ish Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In PDQ Deploy

4/26/2018 1826 Contributors

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Package options: 1:15

Question: Why can’t I nest Auto-Deploy packages into a regular package? 7:27

Run As: 10:30  (See the detailed blog)

Target Lists: 14:36

Question: How can we set up auto deployments to support test deployments prior to full deploys? 17:25

Deploying with multiple credentials: 20:41

Copy & Paste between packages: 25:10

Additional functions you can do with PDQ Deploy - Flush DNS with Deploy - Reg file install step & More: 26:16

Question: When setting up a schedule, are we able to run a reboot step between another package install or do we have to schedule a separate install? 30:12

Including and excluding targets: 32:46