Webcast: PDQ&A - July 2017

4/26/2018 1738 Contributors

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Question: Is there a way (or could a way be added) to clear out unwanted commands from the Remote Command history list? Part 2: Does the remote command history list show all commands, or just “mine”? 0:43

Question: I work for a school district and I have been put in charge of creating the image for Windows 10 future rollout. Since each building uses different software and settings, how well does PDQ Deploy handle scripts and what scripts formats are supported? 4:05

Question: I have a licensing question. We are using both Deploy and Inventory (Server mode). I have admins that do not need access to Inventory, only Deploy. However, our deployment packages are targeting Inventory Collections. Do we have to have a license for them? 6:34

Question: Is PDQ looking to implement an end user function to allow them to install authorized software from the repository? I know it’s built into Windows, but it’s rubbish and never works and local admin or temp admin rights is a mugs game these days. 7:56

Question: Is there any way to add my servers to an exclude list so they don’t show up anywhere in PDQ Inventory? 9:00

Question: If you do not specify a domain name for credentials, does it default to the local user/administrator on the PC you’re deploying from or the remote machine? Is it possible to use %COMPUTERNAME%\ installuser? Or will it resolve as the local machine or the machine Deploy is pushing from? 13:11

Question: Is there a way to send a reboot, but allow a user to cancel that reboot (besides telling them to go to cmd prompt or creating a batch file). I’d like to send a reboot, and they get a popup with a cancel option on the notification box. 16:24

Question: I followed the webcast to create the Petya Mitigation (Pewrfc) package and did a test deploy. Is there an easy way to determine which computers still need these files installed? We have over 2000 computers and servers. Thank you. 18:12

Question: I have been using PDQ Deploy for quite a while and just started using Inventory. I set my Auto Deployments to Heartbeat. Now when the PCE touches VPN (& after disconnect) it keeps trying and failing to deploy packages every couple of minutes. How can I either fix deployment or stop trying when not really connected? 21:48

Question: Is there a way (in Inventory, the end goal is to create a dynamic collection) to find computers where a particular deployment was successful, especially if we tried to deploy it multiple times and there might be successes and failures on the same package? 25:00

Question: I’ve tried deploying Deep Freeze to labs in my organization. I’ve used Faronic’s Deep Freeze .msi creator to create an easy to deploy package. All deployments were successful; however, the .msi package does not return a success code that PDQ recognizes. I’m getting a “FILENAME.msi returned no error code” in an output log even after each computer reboots, reconnects with PDQ runner, etc. Am I missing a custom success code within my built package? Any suggestions? 26:42

Question: I know notifications are sent upon completion of a deployment. Is there anyway to send a notification when a deployment gets kicked off? 29:42

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