Webcast: Using Encrypted Credentials with PowerShell and PDQ Deploy

4/26/2018 3429 Contributors

Using passwords in your scripts: 3:12

Prompting / Get Credential: 4:07

DPAPI Method / Cleartext: 5:01

Question: I want to deploy a PowerShell file (little gui compiled to exe) to my users, which gives them the opportunity to create a special file structure under a name that they enter. I want to restrict the NTFS rights for creation to a special user and would therefore encrypt the user data in my script. What can I do to have maximum security? 5:53

Question: How can I update a local admin password with PS and keep the new password encrypted? Net user works, but it’s not encrypted when pushing out through Deploy. 11:20

Active Directory reset password: 14:04

Question: Can you use PowerShell to uninstall ClickOnce apps using Deploy? 15:48

DPAPI Get Credential: 17:36

What does it mean when we say encrypted? 19:26

Question: I have a question about running remote PowerShell commands from PDQ Inventory. I can get this to work: Get-NetFirewallRule. But I get an error when I try to add qualifieers: Get-NetFirewallRule | Where { $_.Enabled -eq ‘True’-and $_.Direction -eq ‘Inbound’ } Essentially an unexpected token error. I assume it has to do with spaces, and that it’s likely just something I am missing with how PowerShell works. 20:54

Import and export Clixml: 23:30

Question: The Fog client runs as local System. This means that the PowerShell.exe process launched via a snapin will run in that context, and Invoke-Command will inherently try that credential. Can you provide an example of a credential object for the -Credential parameter? 27:11

Question: Is there a way to run/manage the Microsoft Local Administrator Password Solution via PDQ? 29:22