Webcast: Performance Tuning in PDQ Deploy

4/26/2018 3438 Contributors

Why and How to optimize Database: 1:24

Scan after Deployment: 2:48

Question: What is the recommended amount of RAM for this application? Currently have about 2000 machines that I roll out to. 5:02

Offline status on machines: 6:37

How many machines should you deploy to (Concurrent targets and total concurrent targets)? 7:25

Copy mode: 8:41

Question: Are there documented best practices / recommendations for various environment sizes we can reference as a starting point, and then tweak to our liking? 10:04

Service Manager TCP Connection: 11:18

Test Multiple Addresses in Name Resolution: 12:14

Question: Has the best practice about push - pull file copy mode changed since the central server feature came out? I have PDQ Deploy installed on a Windows 2012 R2 server in server mode with the repository on the server secondary hard drive, and also on my client W10 in client mode. Can you talk a little bit about it? 13:19

PDQ Inventory “Performance”: 16:14

Network / Heartbeat: 18:05

Question: We have a setup that involves a second, untrusted domain. We want to use PDQ Deploy Central Server with that untrusted domain, however because it is untrusted we can’t add console users from that domain. What’s the best way to handle console users from an untrusted domain? 21:21

Scanning / Wake-on-LAN: 23:42

Scan Profiles: 25:04

Heartbeat Triggers: 26:44

Scan Profiles / file & registry scan: 28:14