Webcast: Central Server Best Practices

4/26/2018 3254 Contributors

PDQ Deploy Central Server gotcha...collection ID linking: 0:45 

Question: What is the most efficient manner of exporting packages from multiple consoles into the central server console? There is no - ExportPackage parameter of pdqdeploy.exe so I can’t script it.  3:45

Question: Where can I see who is using the concurrent session in PDQ? I am getting a message that there are 3 concurrent sessions and there are only two of us with access to PDQ here. 6:23

Question: If we switch to Central Server, how do we go about keeping some of our custom packages accessible only to the user who created them? For instance, if we designate one admin to take responsibility for PowerShell packages, how can we make sure other admins can’t access them? 7:52

Question: Is there a release date for PDQ Inventory 13 Central Server? 10:24

Question: While the Heartbeat Trigger is nice, can you not monitor user login via Inventory? This would be a nicer trigger for some deployments. 11:57

If your repository is on a remote file share, set the deployments to pull: 14:05

Question: In our super weird setup, we have our infrastructure segregated -Philippines and US- and I need to be able to monitor both. Currently I’m using 2 VMs, is there an easier way to switch servers? 15:42

Question: How can we handle scheduled tasks linked to PDQ Inventory collections from other admins via Central Server? 18:05

Question: How can we use PDQ Inventory to restart the computers that are requiring windows updates so that the update installs when the computer restarts? I see the collection of computers that say that they are requiring a restart but running the normal restart cmd that is built into Inventory does not let them do the update on restart. 21:04

Licensing: 24:45

Question: With the Central Server setup, where do you create the packages? On the Client side or the server side? Maybe both and they replicate? Thanks. 28:16