Webcast: PDQ&A - May 2017

4/26/2018 1655 Contributors

Question: In the context of the WannaCrypt Ransomware, MS17-010 and the March/April/May cumulative updates for various Windows OS’s, how would you create a PDQ Inventory Report to show computers missing the patch and then Dynamic Collections for remediation? 1:36

Question: With Central Server, if I have it set up on a machine at my work do I need a license for each client I want to use with it? I have Enterprise and basically want to know if I can have the client on my workstation AND laptop so while I’m walking around or away from my desk I can still deploy packages, under one license. 7:36

Question: Our workstations are supposed to be set up with specific equipment. We have 1400 stations at my site alone, and don’t always catch when items are improperly moved. Is there a way for PDQ Inventory to flag if hardware was changed between the last scan and the current one, such as the associated monitor changing serial numbers? 8:36

Question: What’s the best way to set up a linked collection so that freshly imaged or new PC’s pick up the software associated with the OU they are dropped into? Preferably without constantly pushing the same software to PC’s that already have it? 10:29

Question: Now that Microsoft has released the MBR2GPT tool for BIOS to UEFI conversion, can we detect witch machines still use legacy BIOS and MBR disks? 14:49

Question: Is it possible and if so, would you ever consider allowing a PowerShell command being sent from a client PC to a PDQ Deploy server to initiate a deployment of a package or packages? 15:41

Question: Is it possible to prioritize one deployment over another? I am currently pushing an updated Shophos install to all company devices using a heartbeat schedule and have had a few “one off” deployments that I need done sooner rather than later. Do I have to abort the running deployments or is there a way to add the deployment to the front of the line so to speak? 17:30

Question: How does PDQ handle running installs from a DFS Namespace? Would it still use the server as a proxy or pull from local? 18:36

Question: With Inventory and Deploy, will you ever have a patch management module? By that I mean a specific function that will compare software versions and patch only those that need patched and give you detailed reports of the patches? Something like Secunia PSI built into Inventory? 21:14

Question: I am a one person IT dept. I have Deploy and Inventory running on a server to which I RDP. Does Central Server add any value in my situation? BTW does Central Server include both products? Still two server processes? 22:50

Question: Is there a way to use PDQ Inventory to scan for Intel vPro machines that are vulnerable to the recent Intel AMT security flaw? 25:14

Question: What’s the best way to move my instance of PDQ Deploy to a dedicated workstation to use as my Central Server for my group of 4 admins? Note: my instance is considered the “master” for packages & mass deployments. 27:06

Question: What would be a drawback in a 6 site network having 2 admins share the same central store? Things we might / should be aware of for dangers or headaches. 29:07

Question: When switching to client mode, does the local database get erased or is it just not read anymore? 31:17

Question: What happens if the Central Server were to go down and unreachable? Can we switch back to local mode? BTW, is there a way to import Central Server contents down locally in case something like this occurs? 32:01

Question: What is the easiest way to find computers in PDQ Inventory that have not been “online” in over a month? 36:01

Question: In PDQ Inventory with custom fields, is there a way to apply a custom field like a text type saying “HR” or “Finance” to multiple computers at once or just one at a time? I have hundreds that I would like to apply something to and one at a time would take quite a bit of time. 37:30

Question: I’m starting to run into issues with anti-virus agents installed on the client PC’s blocking Inventory scans or deployment packages. Are there any future plans to add packages to the enterprise library that include sample scripts for temporarily disabling AV services for the most common AV software? 42:03