Webcast: The new Central Server in PDQ Deploy 13

4/26/2018 2657 Contributors

Upgrading to Central Server: 1:03

Preference change: 3:15

Local or client mode: 3:45

Background Service and Console User: 4:40

Question: How is this licensed? If I have 3 admins and one central server, do I need just 3 licenses for the admins, or do I also need an additional license for the server? 8:41

Question: After centralizing the Database, is there any way to protect packages from being deleted by other admins? 9:37

Question: Since there is going to be a central server, what are the chances of the server hosting a web page with all the functionality of the PDQ Deploy console when I am out and about, away from my desk? 12:21

Question: Are we able to keep user credentials on clients separate? We need to be able to quickly see who sent each deployment and not be able to deploy as each other. 13:28

Question: Is the premise behind the centralized server to be similar to SCCM where the host application is housed on a server and we access the app through a user console? 14:45

Question: Does the server include a way of direct sharing custom tools instead of exporting and importing them? 15:53

Question: Will we be able to see/abort other admins deployments? If one is running over or a retry queue is causing reboots, will a different admin be able to stop it from running? 16:48

Question: Will moving to a central server result in a PDQ client being needed on the end users machine? 19:09

Question: What is the best way to share packages created by other admins of my Enterprise subscription? 19:53

Question: Will there be a view only option so I can prevent my boss from pushing something they shouldn’t? 21:00

Question: IF a client machine gets rebooted, will any packages being deployed fail, or will they continue since they are linked to the server? 22:19

Question: If a local PDQ Deploy install is connected to a Central Server, will we be able to have our own local jobs as well as those jobs stored on the central server? 23:41

Question: How can remote laptop users be managed? Is the module coming soon? 24:45

Google Chrome 32 / 64 bit packages combined: 25:41

Question: When going to a server/client setup, do we need to be concerned about any security vulnerabilities? PCI has already questioned me about PDQ before. 28:36