Webcast: How to Install & Unistall Skype for Business

4/26/2018 2537 Contributors

Uninstall OCT: 2:10

Question: What’s the best way to upgrade to a newer version of Skype? I tried this once with PDQ and wiped out their chat log. 7:50

Uninstall CTR: 12:00

Question: Is there a way to install Skype for Business without installing the rest of the Office suite? For example, we are using Office 2013 and need to install SFB 2016, but we are not ready to move to Office 2016. 15:44

Uninstall CTR XML method: 18:29

Question: Can we run Skype and Skype for Business along side each other? 22:30

Installs OCT: 22:34

Installs CTR: 27:39

Question: We use Office 365 CTR. Our deployed package has been customized and we removed Skype and Outlook. If we want Skype for Business deployed, do we have to use the version from the CTR package? Can we grab Skype for Business separately and will it still integrate to the CTR applications? 28:07