Webcast: PDQ Deploy and CCleaner

4/26/2018 3339 Contributors

Click here for a video dated 9/18/17 regarding CCleaner.

CCleaner install package: 3:15

Customized or Standard type of installation / Set properties: 7:12

Question: I want to clean all user profiles and also the registry with CCleaner which is not supported by silent switches. Any ideas or workarounds? 9:13

CCleaner Analyze machine: 12:00

Command line parameters: 13:35

Question: Besides the Cleaner and Registry Cleaner, what other tools does CCleaner have that we need to use more? 16:42

Question: How often do you guys recommend running this CCleaner? 19:11

Deploy CCleaner: 23:25

Question: I’ve never really trusted automated applications like CCleaner. Are you guys of the opinion that CCleaner is a good application to use in a business environment? For what reasons(s) would you resort to an application like this? 26:24