Webcast: Utilize DFS Replication with PDQ Deploy

4/26/2018 3630 Contributors

Server Manager setup: 0:29

DFS Managment / Namespace Server: 1:07

Build your replication: 3:19

Question: Are there any good DOs and DON’Ts  in adding a server to an existing replication group, and is it better to enable all folder targets or keep some of them disabled? 3:54

Adding servers for replication group: 5:29

Question: When deploying with PDQ and DFS with multiple offices, can you check or force the computer to download from the site they are in and not their home site? Computer/user is in AD/Site A but in office/site B when you deploy, causing a large deploy to be pulled from office A. This is for laptop users who go between offices. 9:49

Scheduling Bandwidth: 12:16

Moving your repository for DFS replication: 13:26

Question: If you have DFS issues / not syncing, where are the best places to look for diagnostics? 15:42 (DFS Replication Health Report)

Question: When hosting the repository on a DFS, will the targets know or will be able to download from the “closest/fastest” site? 17:28

Deploying from the new repository: 19:45

Question: As an alternative to DFS - would you recommend or not recommend something like Dropbox as a centralized repository? 20:28

Using PowerShell to get DFS Cmdlets: 23:35

Question: If we’ve already created a DFS share between two sites previously, how easy is it to add a third into the mix? 25:24