Webcast: The Magic of Windows App Removal

4/26/2018 2505 Contributors

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GPOs: 1:18

Where to apply your GPO: 1:59

Start layout: 3:56

Question: Are these templates only available on Win 10 Enterprise? 8:12

Windows store: 9:14

Store GPO: 12:41

What to do to troubleshoot: 14:35

Question: Do these GPO’s stop future apps from reinstalling? I removed built-in apps from all users via PowerShell, but after updates candy crush, xbox store, one note have come back.: 15:30

Question: How can I turn off all the tracking settings? PowerShell or GPO in Windows 10: 17:18

Uninstall Windows store app with PowerShell & PDQ Deploy: 18:59

Question: Can you use PowerShell to remove all store apps and then restrict future installations? 20:25

Provision packages: 21:13

Question: Even if you can’t remove Cortana, can you make it invisible to the user via PowerShell or GPO? 23:15

Startup script: 27:19

Question: If I wrote PowerShell scripts to remove the apps, but added them as Startup Scripts in group policy, would that make Kris and Brigg happy at the same time? 28:50