Webcast: Removing Windows 10 Apps & Advertising

4/26/2018 4731 Contributors

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Finding apps using PowerShell: 2:31

Provision packages: 3:22

Removing Appx Packages with PDQ Deploy: 4:57

Question: I removed many of the unnecessary applications from my test machine, and updates seem to be bringing them back. How can I prevent this? 7:40

Uninstall with a scheduled task: 9:05

What is execution policy?  11:15

Question: What are PDQ’s plans to deploy, remove, and track Windows store apps? 13:19

Group Policy : 14:39

Group Policy settings: 16:21

OneDrive: 21:32

Question: How can we best combat ads that are bound to come back in future patches such as the ads that have started to show up in File Explorer? 22:32

Turn off Cortana / Browser search: 23:53

Cloud content / Microsoft consumer experience: 24:47

The Store: 25:39

Question: If we strip the apps can we then use GPO to pull a custom start menu by OU that we exported using PowerShell or are they going to cancel each other out? 26:48

Disabling Advertising: 27:58