Webcast: Imaging with FOG, Managing with PDQ

4/26/2018 3209 Contributors

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FOG service configuration: 1:32

What is a Snapin & how to use them: 2:27

Question: How can you image using FOG on Windows 10? Also can you use FOG with Intel Gen 6 Processors? 4:46

Question: FOG is one of my favorite tools, but we purchased quite a few Lenovo M78 desktops in the past few years that will not boot with FOG’s iPCE. Is there a workaround to use on just these desktops or a way to push out bios updates safely? 5:38

Assign an image to a host / Host Management: 7:50

Using a baseline on PDQ Deploy then create snapin with FOG: 9:40

Building a schedule: 12:05

Running remote PowerShell commands / Edit the registry: 14:40

Use credentials as console user in the background process: 15:55

Question: What do you guys at PDQ use FOG for? What could we do if we incorporated FOG with our current PDQ use? 17:09

PowerShell Script (available in bonus content): 18:48

Questions: When you create a baseline, are those updated to the latest updates as they come out? If not, is there a way to make sure your baselines are always updated? 21:50

Question: Are there significant advantages to FOG over MDT for an environment that does not have remote assets that are not VPN’d in? 24:05

Question: Can you create an image on FOG using an SSD? 25:19

Question: Our HP desktops can boot via PXE, but our dell vostro 260s are no longer working. I was able to create the image, but now they are no longer working. Any ideas? 26:02

Question: Does FOG allow offline imaging via usb key? 26:51

Question: How does FOG and PDQ handle Windows updates? 28:21

Question: I haven’t worked with Snapins much but after I image with FOG is there a way to set the OOBE answers (i.e. user that will be using this computer, etc), using the snapin feature for when I image Windows 10? 30:08

Question: Are there any network card driver issues using FOG imaging? 21:54

Question: Do you create a Windows & image with full updates or are you updating with Rollup packages? 33:01

Question: Can I use existing SCCM images with FOG or do I need to create all new images? 34:18