Webcast: PDQ&A - February 2017

4/26/2018 1721 Contributors

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Credentials v.s. Console users: 0:38

Question: For Windows 7 updates do we want to install the monthly rollup or the security only or both? Also for Windows 10 will you be adding the update file to go to the next anniversary update for example from 1511 to 1607? 2:52

Question: In PDQ Deploy is it possible to skip a specific task (especially a nested package task), when I know it’s going to fail or is already hung? I have many packages that run a dozen nested packages that themselves contain many nested packages (package Inception), and on the rare occasion an install hangs, I’d like to be able to skip the hung task and move to the next to continue the rest of the package. Currently I have to open the failed package to view the failed/un-run tasks and manually deploy up to a dozen packages that are scattered across a dozen package folders: 4:34

Question: Would you ever consider using an agent for use with PDQ products? Why or why not? 6:30

Question: Is there a way that I can automate a script for deleting temp files and temp internet files, saved browser information for a shared lab of about 30 windows computers used by about a couple hundred kids. The computers use a shared account for login, so computer one is user one, etc. The students have their own account that is unique to the individual students. We will have about 30 different students login into the same sites on any given day per computers and we have found out that doing this troubleshooting can fix a lot of sign on issues. Just was wondering if there is a better way of going from computer to computer every other day or so.  8:01

Question: With Inventory 12 Enterprise, is there a way to be notified when new machines are discovered, either by network scan or AD Sync? 9:35

Question: Other than reporting on disk model, is there a way to tell right away if a disk is a SSD or HDD? 2:26

Question: Hi people of PDQ, about Inventory, how can I automatically update some hosts which were offline before the last scan on my directory? 13:50

Question: Is it possible to manually associate an IP to a client? When an office worker is traveling and connects to VPN, Inventory often has trouble seeing it with the VPN-assigned address? I can look up their VPN IP quickly and would love to nudge Inventory to use that IP. 15:13

Question: What’s the best way to push out registry changes to HKEY_CURRENT_USER if that user is not currently logged on? 16:56

Question: What is the best practice for backing up my PDQ Deploy settings including scheduled tasks and the list of my auto deployment packages? The same questions for PDQ Inventory? 18:19

Question: With the new (awesome!) Windows Updates in Deploy, what would you suggest is best practice for sending those out to workstations? Should we schedule to run the packages after verifying patch Tuesday updates are safe, or should we be more cautious with constantly pushing them out to workstations? 19:21

Question: Which Scan Profile includes the information if a system is locked? I often use this information to see if the user is back in the office if I need to call him. 20:57

Question: Is there an update to bring a Windows 7 to complete 100% windows update status to date that you will be providing so we can add this to our baseline and be fully updated at the same time? 22:09

Question: After a recent PDQ Deploy update one of my Auto Deployment Packages says “This library package version already has an auto deployment package”. How do I make this happy again? I do not have a duplicate that I can see. 22:51

Question: If I’m looking at a Collection Library on PDQ Inventory (for example, Java 7) what’s the easiest way to export that list into an excel file? Do I have to create a report? 23:55

Question: My boss would like a “Report Only” user in PDQ Inventory to be able to login to the server and create reports. Is that something that could be added in a late release? 25:07

Question: I have multiple users who are using the same computers. They often just lock the system and don’t logout. The issue I have is that the list of computers shows only one logged on user. When will you add the other users to the list? 26:46