Webcast: Happy, Health DNS - Solving Common Problems

4/26/2018 3574 Contributors

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History of DNS: 0:35

Name resolution order:  2:00

Scavenging and scavenging settings for Record, Zone, and Server: 3:20

Question: What about DNS records for a dial in VPN records, where you need very short lease times?: 10:07

Question: Are there benefits and risks in doing  scavenging and if so, what are they and how to avoid the pitfalls. What is the best way to do this with PowerShell? Weekly scheduled tasks? 12:32

DHCP / DNS Relationship: 14:23

DHCP lease times and DNS scavenging: 15:52

Question: Is it a good idea to disable Dynamic Update in Group Policy? 17:48

Target name mismatch / NSLOOKUP and NBTSTAT: 19:25

Question: Are there any other common errors we will see in PDQ Deploy / Inventory when our DNS settings are incorrect? How can we fix? 23:11

VPN user issues: 25:23

Question: Should you set aging on the reverse lookup zones? 26:53

Question: What happens if you delete DNS records that you shouldn’t have? How do you fix this? 30:13

Question: What is the best way to switch from static to time stamped DNS records (like for servers) to minimize disruption? Just do it fast? 35:17